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Choose your state from the list below to learn how to start a home care business in your State – or, give us a call and let our consultants answer your questions. 

Certified Homecare Consulting

Home Care Business Startup Program

No matter where you are in the process of starting a home care business, partnering with Certified Homecare Consulting ensures your success. When you choose us, we guarantee that your home care business will obtain its home care license in your state and achieve accreditation if desired.

Whether you aim to provide care for patients paying out of pocket, through Medicare (applicable to Home Health and Hospice), Medicaid, Private Insurance, Managed Care, or the Veterans Administration, Certified Homecare Consulting is your most reliable partner. We handle the heavy lifting, offering everything your home care business needs to operate, tailored to meet the specific needs of your unique business.

Our services come with a one-time fee, which can be broken down into manageable payments over time. Unlike home care franchises, you retain full ownership of your home care business with no ongoing fees or royalties.

With nearly 15 years of experience, Certified Homecare Consulting has successfully launched hundreds of home care businesses. We don’t just help others; we have also started and continue to operate many healthcare businesses of our own.

Make your decision with confidence, knowing that our team has firsthand experience. We understand the journey of starting a home care business from scratch, obtaining home care licensure, and achieving accreditation and certification while managing expenses and building a client base. There is no substitute for firsthand experience, and we have it.

Start your home care business today with Certified Homecare Consulting and secure your home care license with expert guidance.

Comprehensive Home Care Business Setup and Licensing

Certified Homecare Consulting handles all applications and paperwork required to start your home care agency, including setting up your business structure (Sole Proprietor, Partnership, LLC, S Corp, C Corp). We obtain your Federal Employer Identification Number, NPI number, and complete all state filing requirements to secure your state home care license. Each state has specific licensing requirements, and we ensure compliance with all necessary regulations, guaranteeing your home care business license.

Medicaid Enrollment and Customized Policies

We enroll clients in state Medicaid programs where applicable and provide customized home care policies and procedures tailored to meet all state, Medicaid, and accrediting body requirements. Our policies are professionally designed, edited, printed, and delivered in both hard copy and digital formats, ensuring your home care agency operates smoothly and complies with all regulations. We guarantee your state home care license and private duty accreditation.

Comprehensive Brand Development

We create and develop your brand, including logo design, website development, business cards, brochures, and name badges. Our expert designers ensure your brand stands out with a professional, high-quality appearance. Your website will be optimized for search engines and compatible across all devices, complete with SEO meta tags, search engine submissions, and professional email addresses.

Home Care Business Development and Training

Our home care business development training includes over 30 hours of operations and business development training, accessible online. This training covers licensing, policies, HR, client services, infection control, and marketing strategies. We also provide detailed VA program billing and reimbursement instructions if applicable.

Guaranteed Accreditation and Ongoing Support

We offer guaranteed CHAP or ACHC accreditation, guiding you through the entire process and completing all necessary forms and legal documents. We also provide one year of home care software and ongoing support for as long as you own your home care business. Certified Homecare Consulting ensures your business is set up for success, from initial licensing to daily operations and beyond.

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