How to Find Social Joy in Your Hobbies

How to Find Social Joy in Your Hobbies

One of the joys of life is the thrill of taking part in an activity or hobby with similarly minded individuals. Not only can this help you develop new skills and abilities, but it also creates a solid group of supportive friends that will be tied together with a strong bond. Certified Homecare Consulting recognizes the value in such endeavors, so here are some great group hobbies you can start today.

Cook with Your friends

You may be familiar with cooking’s positive effects on stress levels and contentment, but did you know that cooking for other people is extraordinarily psycho-socially beneficial, as well? As Huffington Post explains, our bodies react the same way to cooking with friends as they do toward other altruistic acts, like volunteering at a soup kitchen or building a ramp for a wheelchair-bound veteran. This means that cooking for others can increase confidence, reduce depression, and foster a sense of belonging.

Cooking, in particular, is an intimate action that shows you care about your group while creating a strong bond. This is why it has become popular for groups to either join cooking classes together or start a cooking club on their own.

While classes are ideal for people who want to delve deeply into techniques and flavor combinations, a cooking club offers a place where you can experiment and try new ingredients without the fear of judgment. If you’re a newbie in the kitchen, do some internet browsing beforehand for easy tips and tricks. Then, when your group comes together, you can select a few recipes for everyone to work on, or come up with a generic dish like “pasta” and let everyone free, cooking whatever they like. Culinary preferences are incredibly individual, so this can be an ideal way to get to know your friends on a deeper level.

Start a Book Club

If you don’t want to do quite as much hands-on work together, you can start a book club with your friends. Decide together on a tone for your club — are you into mysteries, popular science, or literary fiction? Or, would you prefer to have a free-for-all, voting on each new book every month as a group? Next, pick a location — many book clubs meet at each other’s houses, but a coffee shop, library, or bookstore will do just as well. The University of Minnesota notes reading can help reduce stress levels by almost 70 percent, while also increasing your capacity for empathy, critical thinking, and memory. 

Delve Into the Arts

As a group, you can also attend classes based around a particular activity or skill, like pottery or painting. The arts are great for practicing concentration and fine motor skills and can also help you become closer to your friends as you discuss each other’s art. Keep in mind that your nights don’t have to be overly scheduled — you can just as easily gather at your house for a particular craft project, such as a handmade wreath.

Make Some Money

 After trying out some new hobbies you’ll probably want to see if you can make some money off any of them, especially if you’re stretching a retirement income. If any of your hobbies are marketable you may consider turning them into a new career. To kick things off you’ll have to figure out which type of business you’d like to start, like a sole proprietorship or LLC. Many people prefer starting the latter because of its flexibility and room for future growth.

After filing your paperwork with the Secretary of State, you’ll need to get your FEIN from the IRS so you can open a business account to separate your personal and business finances. If this gets a little overwhelming, you can also always opt to hire an attorney or online filing service to help get the ball rolling.

Whatever your tastes, a new group hobby can strengthen your relationships while giving you the chance to develop your mind. Every town has many different opportunities available — try browsing online and picking something that’s right for you.

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How to Find Social Joy in Your Hobbies
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