Home Health Care Training

Home Health Care Training for new and existing home health care businesses. 

Certified Homecare Consulting

Home Health Care Training

Although we walk through the entire process of starting and operating your home health care business with you hand and hand, we would like to highlight some of the topics we will cover through the process of starting your home health care business. We have many training programs for new and existing home health care agencies. Call us today to learn more.  

Our home health care training covers:  

1. Overview of the Training Modules 
2. HR Orientation General Health and Education
3. HR Managing the HR Files and Tracking Tools 
4. PI Overview of Performance Improvement Program 
5. PI Program and PAC 
6. PI Committee 
7. PI Clinical Record Review 
8. Clinical Record Review Tool Discussion 
9. PI Clinical Outcomes 
10. PI Customer Feedback 
11. PI Safety and Risk Management 
12. PI Ethics 
13. Overview of Policy Manuals 
14. Case Conferences and Staff Meetings 
15. Medical Record Management 
16. Corporate Policy Manual 
17. Finance Policy Manual 
18. Sales Manual 
19. Surveyors Manual 
20. Overview of CHAP Standards & (self study cheat sheet) 
21. Admission Visit 
22. Nursing Bag Technique 
23. Field Staff Training Nursing 
24. Field Staff Training HHA 
25. Field Staff Training Therapy 
26. Clinical Supervisor Training 
27. Administrator Training 
28. Board of Director Training 
29. CEO Training 
30. Mock Survey 

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    More Home Health Care Training...

    Regularly scheduled training events for start-up and existing Home Health agencies. Individual agency trainings can be scheduled upon request, call or fill out the form below for more information.
    Get up to date real world orientation for everything related to OASIS in the Home Health Setting. Our Oasis training incorporates documentation by demonstrating how a complete and thorough initial Oasis leads to an individualized care plan that should be used by nurses in their documentation at every visit. To complete A CMS compliant Oasis we integrate skilled nursing notes and assessments into this Oasis training.
    Practical training to understand the improvements made with the latest ICD-10 updates, and coding.

    We are the preferred home care consultant, and provider of home care and home health care policies and procedures and home care and home health care startup services for some of the nation’s top home care franchise companies. Most home care franchise executive teams consist of small c-level management teams and an even smaller clinical staff. Imagine having 900 home care franchisees and only 2 nurses at corporate. This is a true story for most of the home care franchise companies we work with.

    As for consultants, we often find our home care policies and procedures with their name on them. Don’t be fooled by phony reviews. This may “sell sizzle” as they say, but “don’t eat the steak”! Here is what you need – you need all of the policies, documentation, training, and support throughout the process of lighting fast licensing and accreditation all while SPENDING AS LITTLE MONEY AS POSSIBLE until you are able to accept and bill patients for their services.

    When you join our home care business startup program and scale your business to $3 Million, $10 Million, $20 Million, or $50 Million like we have our own home care agencies, you can go on all of the fancy trips you could ever dream of. This is what happens when you don’t waste money on unnecessary startup costs and focus on what matters, and aside from the care you are providing, what matters is getting patients and getting paid. We make this happen FAST! It’s what we do. Franchise companies charge you 2% for the little marketing they do provide (Check the FDD), and consultants who have never actually owned an agency, especially in today’s climate, are wasting your time and money. We know how this business works. Meet us at one of our home care agencies in person, or at our consulting office in Massachusetts and New Hampshire to see first-hand or call us to learn more.

    Learn what requirements are necessary to offer care to Behavioral Health clients, obtain tools that will help to make your practice safe and aligned with the current Home Health standards.
    Learn the requirements to offer Infusion therapy to your clients. Topics covered in training include complications, documentation, physician orders, supplies, infection control, and everything you need to offer infusion therapy!
    Do you understand the chain of command in nursing, do you know how clinical operation affect your accreditation approval? If not, this is the training for you!
    Quality care and Quality outcomes will help your agency to be the best of the best. Come enter the world of performance improvement and quality assurance and learn what you need to know to ensure your success! In depth discussion on how Home Health Care is held to high standards -if you are unsure, or don’t understand the process, then this is for you!

    Home Care and Home Health Care Video Training

    Although we walk through the entire process with you hand and hand, as we do, we have an archive of home health care training videos for you and your staff to view on your own time. We provide all of our medical clients with more than 18 hours of video training produced by our company. 

    Ask us about our how to start a home health care business and how to start a home care business startup programs. 

    Sample Orientation Video

    The Best Home Health Care Training in the Business

    How does lifetime support and home health care training sound? If you are just starting your home health care business, you need hands on training.  We will guide you through our proven process and training and guarantee the successful startup of your new home health care business. 

    Regardless of how long your home health care business has been established, we have a number of training programs to meet the needs of your home health care agency. Take it from us, we own our very own home health care businesses and have been consulting and training folks just like you for nearly 20 years! 

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      For immediate assistance, call us now at 877-327-7242

      Let us know if you would like to visit us in person. We will pay for your flight. Call for details.

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