Dog Companions are Great for Seniors

Dog Companions are Great for Seniors

Dog Companions are Great for Seniors

Leading an active and healthy life as a senior can become quite the challenge for some, but having a canine pal can help seniors feel empowered and combat loneliness. This isn’t just a fun fact, either. A study conducted by the University of Michigan revealed that 88% of seniors who owned pets said that their pets make them feel loved, and this was only the beginning of the reported data collected on the benefits of dog adoption for seniors.

Owning a Dog Can Help Seniors be More Physically Active

It’s not a secret that dogs love to move, and their playful spirit is contagious, which is highly advantageous for seniors. Taking care of a canine helps seniors stay on the move and adds purpose and structure to their daily routine. In addition, the simple act of walking a dog can provide seniors with new adventures every day since canines often like to walk, trot, sniff, and explore as often as they can. 

Canine Friends Can Help to Improve Emotional Wellbeing in Seniors 

Finding a true companion that can keep you warm at night, sit beside you during the day and be by your side through thick and thin is priceless. Study participants in the same University of Michigan study reported that their pets help them cope with emotional symptoms and even chronic pain. Additionally, owning a dog can help reduce stress, bring down blood pressure levels and help seniors live more in the present. 

Increased Socialization is Another Positive Puppy Effect 

Getting up and getting out not only makes you feel good, but it also provides a way for seniors to meet other dog lovers and plug into a wider community. Seniors can partake in anything from casual conversations to developing deeper relationships very easily at dog parks or by just walking in their own neighborhood. Dogs are great conversation starters and having people from all walks of life stoop down to pet your pooch while on a walk effectively works to eradicate feelings of loneliness.

Dogs Have a Unique Effect on the Psyche

The love and companionship dogs provide to those who are aging has a healing effect on the mind, body, and soul. Scientific evidence is shedding light on the dramatic effect that canine therapy has on mental health and how it can curb loneliness, depression, and anxiety. Social bonding is what really drives the magic that is the relationship between a pooch and its owner. This type of connection is the driving force behind living a purposeful existence, combating isolation, and maintaining our physical health and wellbeing in our latter years.  

Abigail Baker is a writer from Happy Writers, Co. in partnership with dog hip harness manufacturer, Walkin’ Pets. 

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Dog Companions are Great for Seniors
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