5 Tips for Furnishing Your Home Care Setting

5 Tips for Furnishing Your Home Care Setting

Decorating the home can ease the transition for an assisted living. Not only does it make a homecare setting more comfortable and personalized, but it will make sure the home care setting is safe and secure for everyone. Keep reading for some tips on how to furnish the home care setting. 

1. Opt for Firm Chairs and Sofas

Sofas and chairs have great importance when you think about a homecare setting. A firm seat that allows your loved one to quickly get in and out of the chair without feeling stuck can make their life easier. Additionally, thinking about recliners can make it more comfortable for them to sit back and relax. 

2. Make The Bathroom Safer

When thinking about furnishing, consider items like bathroom handles and other stuff. Install non-slip tiles on bathroom floors and place grab bars in the shower to offer more support and prevent slips and falls. Many assisted living facilities will have these put in every room; consider installing these in your home as well. 

3. Prepare the Bedroom

Make sure you add personal touches in the bedroom. Prepare the bedroom with personal touches to the bedroom to make them feel at home. This is an excellent opportunity to have your loved one involved in designing and organizing their homecare setting. Think about colors, decorative accents, and other touches that will be meaningful for them to have around. 

4. Keep Comfort Items

When making furnishing choices, always opt for quality and comfort first. If possible, try to have your loved one try the pieces before buying them. Ask for details that have orthopedic-style mattresses or seats to ensure that your loved one has the support and comfort they need. Other items to consider are ottomans or poufs to place the feet while seated and recliners to sit back when watching TV. 

5. Focus On Organization

At last, you want to pick furnishing items that help you keep the house organized. The fewer things are around the home, the less risk of falls and injuries you will have. Having storage cubes, ottomans, and other organization furnishing items will keep all the clutter away from the floor to ensure you have clear pathways around the house. 

If you still have doubts about furnishing your home care setting, don’t hesitate to reach out to an assisted living facility. They can provide you with a checklist of items to get, as well as tips and ideas of how to organize the space safely and comfortably for everyone. 

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5 Tips for Furnishing Your Home Care Setting
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