Cardio for Seniors

Cardio for Seniors

Avoiding aches and pains in your retirement years hinges on leading an active lifestyle that keeps your heart, joints, and muscles healthy. Research has shown that regular exercise does far more than just help to manage weight. Research conducted by Harvard University shows that even 15 minutes a day of vigorous exercise can add three years to your life. Other studies have shown that individuals in their 70’s with regular exercise routines have similar fitness levels to people who are 30 years younger.

Living longer and matching a younger generation’s vitality is only a small portion of the advantages exercise brings. Cardio keeps your heart strong, helps to reduce stress, aids in weight loss, improves mental clarity, can help to treat some forms of arthritis, and works to lower the risk of diabetes. The following four cardio activities are exceptional workouts that will get your heart pumping and help seniors maintain their health. 

Power Walking

Picking up the pace while you walk is the perfect cardio routine that couples as a wonderful way to enjoy the great outdoors and can even become an extension of seniors’ social life. If bad knees slow you down, walking could actually help to increase the blood supply to cartilage, and supports joint health and increased circulation.


For seniors looking for a fun way to fit cardio into their lives, dancing is the answer. Whether in a class or at home, dancing can be done to any music that you wish and allows for movement that is good for both the body and mind.

Water Aerobics

Combining the therapeutic benefits of water with cardio is a thrilling activity that maximizes pool time and creates an additional alternative to swimming laps. This low-impact workout soothes achy joints and muscles while getting the heart pumping in a pleasant way.

Strength Training

No matter what cardio practice you choose to enjoy, keeping core muscles healthy will also help to prevent injuries. Adding light free-weights or resistance bands to your cardio routine is a simple way to keep muscles strong without disrupting your regular cardio schedule.

Remember to Have Fun

Making cardio an activity that you look forward to will make it easy to integrate into daily living and it will soon become a permanent part of your life. Finding new things to see on your walking route, dancing with friends, experiencing the weightlessness of being in the water, and feeling stable are all waiting for seniors that choose to embrace an active lifestyle.

Cardio for Seniors
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