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Start an adult foster care business with Certified Homecare Consulting. We guarantee your State Adult Foster Care License & Successful Adult Foster Care Business Startup. We provide you with everything you need.

Start an Adult Foster Care Business

Adult Foster Care can be a variety of settings such as support provided to individuals living in their own home, and in the homes of relatives and friends. Services in these settings are authorized based on individual support plans and monitored by support coordinators on a regular basis as well. Individuals who choose these options come from a variety of places including community homes and Intermediate Care Facilities (ICFs/ID)

Regardless of what stage you are at with starting or operating your adult foster care business, by working with Certified Homecare Consulting, you are guaranteeing your success! When you make the choice to work with us, we guarantee your hospice business will get licensed & Medicare Accredited in your State. Whether you want to provide care for patients paying out of pocket, through Medicare, Medicaid, Private Insurance, Managed Care, or the Veterans Administration, we are the most reliable consultants to connect you with that goal. Best of all, we practically do the work for you and provide everything your adult foster care business needs for operation – customized and catered to meet the needs of your unique business. All you pay us is a small 1-time fee which you can choose to have broken down into even smaller payments, paid over time. We are not a franchise; you own your business with zero ongoing points, fees, or royalties due to us. 

Certified Homecare Consulting has been in business for nearly 20 years, starting hundreds (literally, hundreds) of successful agencies in the process for people just like you.  Other consultants boast of having started 4000+ agencies, what they don’t tell you is how many of those thousands remain in business and are supported today. We haven’t just helped others; we helped ourselves, by starting many healthcare businesses of our own, many of which we still own and operate today. 

So you can make your decision with confidence, knowing that our team has been there. We know what it’s like to go through the process of starting an agency from scratch, preparing for Accreditation and Certification, and balancing expenses while we build our client base. There is no substitute for firsthand experience, and we have it.

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Start an Adult Foster Care Business Startup Program
No Guesswork - Fast Results - Guaranteed Success

We do the legwork for you when forming your adult foster care business. You will never touch a legal document – we do it all for you. We will help you choose and setup your business structure on your behalf (Sole proprietor, Partnership, Limited Liability Company, S Corporation, C Corporation).

We will obtain the Federal Employer Identification Number for your hospice business.

We will obtain an NPI number for your adult foster care business.

We will complete all State filing requirements in your State and complete all the paperwork requirements necessary to obtain your State Adult Foster Care License. 


The startup process, especially when there is licensure and survey required, can become a daunting task. Let us take away all the guesswork and do it for you!

When we tell you that we are providing you with all the forms and documents necessary for the startup, and forever operation of your Adult Foster Care business, we mean everything. All the forms and documents that we have deemed best practice and most practical, we have implemented and refined over time and included in our adult foster care business startup program. Our Adult Foster Care business program is the result of nearly 20 years of helping people just like you start their home care, home health care, adult foster care, and hospice businesses. 

This is very important. Adult Foster Care Policies & Procedures vary – they are not all created equal. Each State and Accrediting Body have their own set of standards to adhere to. It is important to distinguish every factor. You will not get far if your Adult Foster Care policies and procedures are not customized to meet these requirements. Please do not make a rookie mistake.

We guarantee your Adult Foster Care policies and procedures will meet all the requirements necessary to provide Adult Foster Care services in your State, as well as guaranteeing your State Adult Foster Care License and Medicare Accreditation. Our Adult Foster Care Policies and Procedures are also completely customized for your Adult Foster Care agency and will include all your agency specific and relevant details. These are top notch (thanks to our team) – and you can’t beat our guarantee. 

Our Adult Foster Care policies and procedures are professionally designed, edited, printed and shipped to you in hard copy and USB in word and PDF format.

Including but not limited to one on one training, video training, and customized high-quality documents developing all aspects of your human resource department. Literally, all the documents you need for the function of your Adult Foster Care business (customized for you). Nothing is missing.

We guarantee your successful accreditation with CARF or NCQA. 

We are going to build you a beautiful website that gets the job done. It’s going to look great, and you’re going to have input. We even make sure that your website is found on Google, Yahoo, Bing, and every other search engine, this isn’t a problem. But please listen, as this is very important – no one can guarantee you will be on the first page of Google unless you are paying Google Ads. We are a Google Partner Company. Certified Homecare Consulting appears on the first page for many major terms, and yes, there are ways to accomplish this, but this is a waste of time and money for a adult foster care – we will explain. 

You are going to meet a lot of people who tell you about “Marketing”, but please understand this, we are Google Partners and the owners of successful home care and home health care businesses – we are not just Google Certified as individuals, but actual Google Partners – no other franchise or consultant has this type of expertise and if they claim to, ask for proof – this is a very rare feat. 

With that said, please listen very closely – SPEND MONEY ON YOUR MARKETER AND PAID ADVERTISING, but DO NOT WASTE MONEY ON anything related to the internet that is not directly related to generating leads. This means, aside from building out your website, do not waste money on SEO or marketers or consultants claiming SEO does anything for adult foster care let alone a new adult foster care business – it doesn’t. Not for adult foster care.

We spend plenty of money on advertising at our home care, home health care, and adult foster care agencies. We also have very good SEO and organic page ranking, but guess what? We track all our advertising and know that nearly 100% of all internet leads for home care and home health care come from paid advertising, despite our businesses being on the first page of Google due to organic SEO. This is the case for Certified Homecare Consulting as well. We have a first page rank and top of page rank for nearly all our relevant keywords, but nearly 100% of our leads come from advertising.

So, remember, aside from your website, don’t waste your money on anything regarding your website and the internet that is not directly related to generating a lead. Don’t pay for organic SEO in the adult foster care industry. 

Google Places, Facebook, Google Ads, and referral sites in some markets – this is where you spend money online. The hard work and the real reward are earned face to face through grassroots, on the ground marketing to patients and referral sources. More on that later down our list – this is a big part of our program. 

If you want to learn how to maximize your marketing spend on the internet and learn from an actual Google Partner Company, we will show you how we do it!

We Create and Develop Your BRAND!

Logo Creation – Your logo will be customized just for you by one of our expert web designers. Nothing about our processes is cookie cutter, we nurture your brand completely from scratch, with your input.

Brochure Design – You will receive 1000 professionally designed, high quality, glossy brochures, customized for your agency. These are professionally designed and printed trifold brochures.

Business Cards – You will receive 1000 professionally designed, high quality, glossy business cards, customized for your agency. These are not vista print cards: they are high quality and customized for you.

Professionally Designed Website – Your professionally designed website will be designed, developed, optimized and launched to guarantee placement in all search engines within the world wide web (WWW). Your website will be desktop, mobile and tablet compatible including SEO meta tags, search engine submission, etc. and also includes professional email addresses @yourwebsite.com (example), high resolution health care images, social icons and linking, a Google map widget, daily malware scans and much more.

We walk you through the entire process of starting your Adult Foster Care business and guarantee your successful Adult Foster Care licensure and hospice business startup. Furthermore, we walk you through your agencies Adult Foster Care policies and procedures and offer support and take your calls for as long as you own your Adult Foster Care business. What better training could you ask for than literally being walked through all the agencies operations and policies and procedures one on one? We will go through every form and document with you answering any questions that you have. And all of this without having to fly anywhere for a group training. What’s better than one on one training when it comes to learning how to operate your business? 

The cost of our program is just a small one-time payment which can be broken up into even smaller payments to be paid off over time. 

Call us today for more information. 


The Best Adult Foster Care Business Training & Support in the Country

You will receive adult foster care training and lifetime support from our team of experts for the lifetime of your agency. We will train, teach, and guide you and your clinical team through the process and will always be here to take your call once you are up and running. 

Let’s face it, you need hands on, ongoing training and support throughout this process. We’re here to provide a hand holding approach throughout the process of startup, and day to day operations there after for as long as you own your business. 

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For immediate assistance, call us now at 617-477-9594

Let us know if you would like to visit us in person. We will pay for your flight. Call for details.

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