Start a Home Care Franchise Business

Start a home care franchise business with Certified Homecare Consulting. Why join a home care franchise when you can be the home care franchise?  

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Start a Home Care Franchise Business

Franchising your home care business means you are franchising your “proven method”. A home care franchise provides you with a proven business format to follow including operational procedures and marketing strategies that have been successful for other units eliminating the trial and error associated with starting a home care business from scratch, as well as much of the risk. You are franchising the complete method to conduct the home care business itself, such as the marketing plan and operations manuals as well as providing day to day support and management of other home care agencies.

Home Care franchise fees and royalties are used to fund operations at corporate headquarters of the home care franchisor, train and support franchisees, market and advertise the home care franchise brand, improve the quality of goods or services, and build the brand in the marketplace.

Brand Recognition means your home care franchisees will spend less money and effort on establishing the name or brand to potential customers.

The Home Care Franchise provides training and support in regard to day to day operations and procedures as well as sales and marketing strategies.

Protected Territories ensure that franchisees won’t lose business to a franchise owned by another entity.

Home care franchise companies implement a 3 tiered approach focusing on startup, support and brand awareness. 

*Please keep in mind before you actually develop your franchise, you will need to make sure you are abiding by all state laws and regulations for your home care franchise business

1. Assist with Opening The Home Care Franchisee Business

A. Site selection and site/office approval

B. Step-by-step, business “blueprint”: Business and operating licenses, liability insurance, health insurance, employee salary and benefits, real estate and leasehold improvements, software systems (Franconnect, Continulink), financial, legal and accounting advice (3rd party accounting at franchisees discretion)

C. Design or Appearance Standards (policies, brochure, fliers, apparel, website, etc.)

D. Restrictions on services and cost

E. Restrictions on method of operation (hours, signage, uniforms, advertisements, accounting or bookkeeping procedures, cost of services, supplies, etc.)

F. Instant business plan, marketing plan and web presence

G. Training (Initial online training, classroom training, onsite training and in-field training to develop relations within the community, discuss interviewing and hiring caregivers, understand referral marketing, networking in the marketplace, public relations, staffing, and determining expectations and goals)

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    2. Ongoing Home Care Franchise Business Support

    A. Annual/bi-annual site visits to assure compliance and best practices

    B. Assistance with HR – assistance recruiting employees (ad templates, job descriptions, interview guides, job postings, employment background screening, orientation program, performance evaluation program) and with human resource issues and relations such as payroll, benefits and insurance (often outsourced – Human Resource Solutions – www.unicornhro.com, www.trinet.com, http://www.novationhr.com )

    C. Strategic planning

    D. Ongoing supervision and management support

    E. Coaching and consulting to build referral sources

    F. Assistance closing big opportunities with doctors, facilities or hospitals

    G. Assistance with operational concerns or issues

    H. Onsite and offsite quarterly, biannual or annual training (corporate identity, working ethics, sales and delivery of the service/product, office functionality, finances, legislation, etc)

    I. Daily, weekly and monthly webinars on subjects that span the range of your operations. Specialized training for staff including monthly in-service webinars and continuing education units

    J. Monthly CEO calls covering multiple system wide initiatives and relevant topics

    K. Bi-monthly marketing call to reinforce and enhance business development

    L. Local, regional and national meetings to keep corporate communication lines open and address best practices

    M. Annual leadership conferences

    3. Marketing National and Local Brand For The Home Care Franchisee and Home Care Franchisor

    3. Marketing National and Local Brand

    A. Marketing and branding solutions – National and local marketing campaigns, building the brand (topfiremedia.com)

    B. Access to databases containing community information for residential care facilities, assisted livings communities, memory care facilities, hospitals and independent living communities.

    C. Referral agreements and strategic partnerships (Pharmacies, etc.)

    4. Home Care Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD)
    Don’t forget about your Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD)
    5. Other Notes and Items to Consider When Starting Your Home Care Franchise Business

    **Add several staff members who will focus solely on helping home care franchisees

    *** The home care franchise fee and royalty percentage, the term of your home care franchise agreement, the size territory you will award each franchisee, what geographic area you are willing to offer franchises within, the type and length of training program you will offer, the depth of support, the business experience and net worth franchisees need, marketing and patient referral guidance.

    Start Your Home Care Franchise Business or Home Care Business with Certified Homecare Consulting

    When choosing to start a home care business, home health care business, or healthcare franchise business, choose Certified Homecare Consulting. Certified Homecare Consulting is the brand other Home Care Franchise Businesses have trusted when starting their own hom care business franchise and who many home care franchise businesses turn to for their ongoing home care policy and compliance concerns. Certified Homecare Consulting are home care, home health care and medicare accreditation experts

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      For immediate assistance, call us now at 877-327-7242

      Let us know if you would like to visit us in person. We will pay for your flight. Call for details.

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