Opening a Home Health Care Agency | Do’s and Don’ts

So, you are opening a home health care agency – Great! Not only is taking care of our seniors and the overall population currently facing health and mobility issues an admiral pursuit, it’s also an area of the U.S. economy set to explode with the Baby Boomer generation coming into that age where we all could use or even require some support to continue living healthy and maintaining independence at home. Below is a list we compiled with some of the best practices when opening a home health care agency, as well as some mistakes we’ve recognized along the way that you will want to avoid.
Opening a home health care agency

1. DO Create a Realistic Business Plan for when opening a home health care agency.

With all the anxiety and excitement involved in opening a home health care agency for the first time, many of us tend to aim for the stars with our goals and expectations. Starting out this venture on paper with a realistic business plan, derived of manageable goals and performance benchmarks will quickly bring into perspective all the moving parts involved, and exactly what’s necessary to manage them, and have them produce the desired results. The detailed reality of all the hard work behind the dream can sometimes be sobering, but don’t let that discourage you at all…you got this!

2. DON’T Overreach for Patients or Clients.

In doing market research (this should be part of your business plan) and figuring out that there is a massive senior population concentrated several towns away from you, or clear on the opposite side of the metropolitan area from you, don’t automatically think that this will be the best place to locate your business. For starters, there are seniors everywhere. Second, next to no one is coming into your office to request your services. Plan on servicing an area that will be easily drivable from your home. Starting out you won’t have an army of caregivers just yet, so if you or a partner are providing all the care, be sure to strategize your initial service area around this important factor. No one wants to commute hours to see a patient for a 1 to 2 hour long visit, and in some cases, state regulations specify mileage or time limits to your service areas, always based on your office location, not where your caregiver lives and is commuting from. Once you have grown your business and reputation, setting up satellite offices, and hiring caregivers in those distant areas where you see potential will come together much easier for you.

3. DO Check Out the Competition

Existing home health care agencies in your start up area are gold mines for your market research. Find out how long they’ve been in business – it will give you a better perspective on sustainability in the area. If you’re finding that everyone you call just opened their doors as well, take a deeper dive, and be sure to offer something differentiating you from them in your service planning. Some simple offerings might be: watering plants during necessary hospitalizations, pet care, on-call concierge services. Even when you’re there to provide skilled medical services, the possibilities to build onto that service with are broad. Think of the little things you wish someone would just do around your home. Seniors and disabled patients can’t do these things, and offering to do it for them as a service will go a long way. Lastly, Pricing. Knowing what your competition is charging is the best way to stay on top of the market, whether that means the lowest price, or the best offering for your price.
Opening a home health care agency is a wonderful way to earn and income as well as supporting your community. If you are ready to open your home health care agency, then contact us today.
Opening a Home Health Care Agency
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