9 Fall Prevention Best Practices for Aging in Place Safety

9 Fall Prevention Best Practices for Aging in Place Safety

Seniors are more likely than any other
individual to experience a fall at home. And for older adults, falls can cause
serious harm. Fortunately, there are best practices you can employ to help
prevent falls and preserve your loved one’s ability to age in place. From home
modifications to in-home solutions and lifestyle changes, here are nine
solutions for home safety.

Make Home Modifications for
Safer Living

Overhauling the home can be a great way
to prevent falls. Aging in place demands specific home features, and adding
these offers peace of mind, too.

Choose safe flooring options in highly trafficked

Make modifications to the home for
lower fall risk.

Consider buying—or redesigning—a home for a better aging in place

Consider In-Home Help and
Technology Solutions

Whether it’s hiring a caregiver or
employing the aid of technology, thinking outside the box can help seniors age
in place safely. Here are in-home and tech solutions to suit.

Check out technology elements to make living at home
healthier and safer.

Seek the advice of a trusted
homecare consulting agency like Certified
Homecare Consulting

Know when it’s time to consider in-home care options.

Implement Lifestyle Changes
for Increased Safety

A few lifestyle changes can help increase
seniors’ safety while living at home. Try these techniques to enhance at-home
comfort and independence.

Change bathing arrangements to bath or shower chairs
for better stability.

Start an indoor workout regimen to build balance and strength.

Swap shoe styles for a safer
non-slip option

For seniors who plan to age in place,
fall risks can present a significant hazard. But by making home modifications,
adding technology and other solutions, and making minor lifestyle changes,
older adults can feel more confident living at home. With these best practices,
you can stress less and know that your loved one will be safer aging in place.

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9 Fall Prevention Best Practices for Aging in Place Safety
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