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Home Health Care Consulting and Startup Experts, Certified Homecare Consulting guarantee the successful licensure and accreditation of your home care, home health care, and hospice agency. 

Certified Homecare Consulting

Home Health Care Consulting by Certified Homecare Consulting

Unlike other consulting agencies offering “forms only”, “manuals only” or other isolated and incomplete home health care consulting services, Certified Homecare Consulting provides a true, complete 360 degree home care startup solution. We deliver more than just products in a box or one-size-fits-all instruction. We provide the robust, customer-focused, and highly-customized services needed to deal with complex home health care accreditation and approval processes.

When you partner with Certified Homecare Consulting, you don’t have to go through it alone. We work with you, step-by-step, to develop your agency into a stable, solid non-medical home care agency and then medical home health care agency in the shortest timeframe possible.

If you are an established non-medical agency looking to take your home care agency to the next level, Certified Homecare Consulting can deliver the clinical training and organizational analysis needed to navigate the rules, cut through the red tape and obtain the proper home care or home health care licensure and accreditation. If you are a startup, put our proven experience and track record to work for you. We can guide you, step-by-step, through the home care or home health care licensure and accreditation process, and provide the human resources support and clinical training you need to succeed.

Home Care License and Home Health Care License Consulting

Home Health Care Licensure is a complicated, step-by-step approval process necessary to become a certified home health care agency. Going at it alone and can be difficult and time consuming, requiring hours of application paperwork, multiple site visits and pages of documentation.
When you partner with Certified Homecare Consulting, we help you cut through the red tape and make the right decisions for your operation.

These are the approval steps:

CMS Fiscal Intermediary for your region
• Notification of the state DOH that you will use the accreditation deemed status
• CLIA (Clinical laboratory waiver program)
• CHAP Accreditation or ACHC Accreditation
• Medicare Survey
• Final notification to the state
• Medicaid application

We fill out and complete the applications* (CMS, CHAP, CLIA, Medicaid), we tailor all home care and home health care policies and procedure manuals to your company. We spend the time to review and educate you on each aspect of each manual.

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    We provide you with visit notes, evaluations for each skilled discipline, MD orders, Order for Services, Para Professional Care Plans and many other ancillary but necessary forms. Our home health care consultants will help you create a home health care business plan and develop a startup budget. As you get close to your Medicare survey we deliver the necessary marketing support to make sure that have the required 10 clients being serviced, provide training for your staff and managers, and conduct a full mock survey using tested CHAP standards to make sure everything will go smoothly.

    CHAP Accreditation and ACHC Accreditation

    Site visits can be challenging and stressful, opening your home health care agency to outside scrutiny and critiques. One way to alleviate these strains is to regularly conduct comprehensive internal evaluations. These reviews can provide a clear picture of all aspects of your operation while also preparing you for a site visit. At Certified Homecare Consulting, we use CHAP JCAHO/TJC, and ACHC although CHAP was established specifically for home care accreditation and has a clear view on how to work with and help homecare clients.

    Accessed and submitted through and online portal, the CHAP self studies are a unique and insightful self-evaluation tool, addressing both the business and service aspects of the applicant organization. Although these self studies are no loger required they are a useful tool for the evaluation of your home health care agency.
    These self studies allow a home health care agency to complete a comprehensive internal evaluation in preparation for the site visit. The CHAP staff then uses the submitted information to plan and execute the site visit. Updated self studies are prepared and submitted at the start of each new accreditation cycle.

    Assisted Living Startup

    Assisted Living facilities (ALF) are communities that provide a small amount of assistance with the activities of daily living. As these are actually rental communities, not medical communities, they are not regulated by Medicare accreditation bodies.
    However, each state does regulate ALFs, with requirements varying from state to state. To even begin groundbreaking, you must obtain and understand state laws, submit license applications, and gain approval.

    To start your ALF you must first explore properties in your target location. Identify the investment costs for the building, including the grounds and the actual structures.

    To help you through this process, Certified Homecare will obtain your manuals, documentation, forms, and operation processes. Our experts will help you complete your licensure and regulatory processes; assist your staff in setting up the operation center for the facility, and work with you to establish HR and management functions.

    For those looking to incorporate an Alzheimer unit, we will provide all necessary medical documentation and forms needed and will work with you to gain the additional licensure required for this medical component.
    We also assist in marketing plan and recruitment strategies.

    Group Home Startup

    Group Homes provide for the long-term care and social needs of the disabled. Typically this group of clients is young adult, often with mental retardation or mental handicaps of varied severity.
    Services generally include but are not limited to:

    • Medication preparation and administration
    • Nutritional needs and meal prep
    • Assistance with ADL’s Transportation services
    • Medical appointment accompaniment
    • Behavioral Health interventions
    • Socialization in community settings
    • Safety is always a major consideration

    By collaborating with long standing Group Home Leaders, we will prepare your licensure application, including ZBA approach and proposal. We also explain the policies and procedures, and customize the manuals and forms necessary to keep your new venture in compliance with state and federal regulations.

    Non-Medical Home Care Business Startup

    Certified Homecare Consulting provides a full turnkey solution for establishing a non-medical home care operation. Through comprehensive interviews, we will gather all the necessary data and submit it on your behalf to the regulatory authorities.

    Certified Homecare Consulting provides a complete end-to-end service package, far beyond the capabilities of our competitors and unmatched in our industry. Our goal is to help you and your organization become a stable, solid non-medical home care agency in the shortest timeframe possible.

    With documents that have already passed the governmental approval process and strong relationships with
    intermediaries and state/federal agencies, we are able to get prompt action on your applications. We also provide home care and home health care licensure support for all your non-medical home care startup needs, including walking you through the complicated and time consuming 18-step home care licensure process.

    The 18 Step Home Care License Process

    1. Our home care consultants will conduct your initial interview to determine your needs and collect your filing data.
    2. Obtain Surety bond, WC, General & professional liability policies for your agency if you don’t already have them.
    3. Make contact with your state Department of Health to determine all the necessary contacts needed for CON states or non licensure states to operate a non medical agency.
    4. Complete and submit your NPI application (National Provider Identification #).
    5. Complete & submit CORI provider approval.
    6. Submit Nurse Aide registry application (where applicable)
    7. Policy & Procedure Manual development (for non franchise clients)
    8. Forms development. (for non franchise clients)
    9. Customize all forms (for non franchise clients)
    10. Collaborate with agency on HR department needs, protocols and processes.
    11. Determine EMR or manual Medical Record system.
    12. Corporate Governance review.
    13. Determine type of Inservice Program to be implemented.
    14. Discuss contractual relationship with outsourced billing company.
    15. Work with outsourced billing company to implement the software (scheduling) computerized system necessary for effective, efficient operations.
    16. Provide a renewal schedule for all licensure/contracts etc that require renewal applications/fees.
    17. Provide contract templates for common contractual agreements (this may be edited and changed to your needs). (for non franchise clients)
    18. Create “economy of scale” relationships where all our clients are grouped as one to get maximum discounts on products or services necessary to operate.

    Don’t attempt this on your own. Certified Homecare Consulting will complete all home care license and home health care license applications, meet all filing deadlines for initial licensure, obtain all secondary licenses and/or waivers and assist you in recruiting your initial staff.

    Proprietary Schools

    Proprietary schools educate persons of diverse backgrounds to acquire entry level training for individuals seeking a career in the healthcare fields. Though a competitive and rigorous nurse aid curriculum, these schools prepare graduates for gainful employment and economic independence, providing them with occupational proficiencies necessary to enter and succeed.

    • Proprietary Medical Training schools are dedicated to providing.
    • High quality education, training and services for all individuals who have the ability to benefit from the programs.
    • Programs that are accessible, affordable and provided to a diverse community of leaders.
    • Training delivered in collaboration with local businesses.
    • A community of staff, faculty, and students that create an environment and resources for learning.
    • Up-to-date facilities and technology that help prepare students for transfer to future programs or the job market.

    Certified Homecare has years of experience in the proprietary school arena.

    CNA/STNA/LNA training schools are logical partners to the homecare industry as all homecare companies have the need to continually hire more and more graduates of this field.

    Certified Homecare also has extensive experience developing curriculum for medical programs such as:

    • Certified Nursing Assistant/Home Health Aide
    • Medical Assisting
    • Phlebotomy
    • Medical Billing and Coding
    • LPN Program
    • Degree granting RN programs (ADN)
    • Other programs as requested

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      For immediate assistance, call us now at 877-327-7242

      Let us know if you would like to visit us in person. We will pay for your flight. Call for details.

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