Certified Homecare Consulting helps individuals, existing companies, and franchise companies with the process of home care, home health care, hospice, transportation, GAFC, and DME startup. Unlike other home care consultants, our home care business consulting services and products are built on a strong foundation of individualized attention. Our home care consultants know that every home care business and every situation is different, that’s why we take the time to get to know our home care and home health care agencies so we can develop a comprehensive plan to fit your unique business.

What makes Certified Homecare Consulting different from other home care consultants? Certified Homecare Consulting owns successful home health care agencies, a non-medical home care agency, hospice agency, transportation, GAFC and DME just to name a few. Our home health care agencies are CHAP Accredited and our Non-Medical Home Care Agency is Private Duty Accredited. There are other home care consultants who can get you started, but only one who will get you started the right way. Do not fall for marketing gimmicks.

Most home care consultants do not have real world experience outside of their clinical staff, and this includes the home care consultants you see all over Google. They do not know what it takes to be successful because they have never operated a successful home care agency. Choose Certified Homecare Consulting and start your home care agency the right way. Aside from owning various healthcare agencies, all of our employees have previous experience working in the healthcare industry.

Call Us Today At (603) 751-8654. We will teach you what is required to start a home care business in your state and help you take the first step in making your dream a reality. Call CHC today for a no-hassle, cost free consultation.


The CHAP Medicare Accreditation process can be expensive and time consuming. The longer the process takes, the more costly it becomes. Certified Homecare Consulting will guide your home care business through the home care or home health care licensure and/or the CHAP Medicare Accreditation or CHAP Private Duty Accreditation process, saving you time, money and providing you with peace of mind. That’s why so many organizations trust us. But gaining entrance to this potentially lucrative home care market requires cutting through lot of red tape. That’s why you need Certified Homecare Consulting to start your home care business or home health care business.

With over 60 years of combined experience…

…our team of home care consultants are ready to lead your home care business through a variety of complex licensure, accreditation, and management issues to assure your new or existing home care business or home health care business operates successfully, well beyond achieving licensure and accreditation.

start a home care business

Start a home care business